Movezen Logistiek is an established VTC within the TruckersMP community, established in September 2021, it has brought a new light into virtual trucking. After countless days and hours acknowledging and listening to the community wants, we began to build a VTC and community so unique, it's unrivaled by any competitor.

Work with Content

We created a VTC with our drivers and staff, at its heart. Everything we create, plan and do within their environment is to better their VTC experience and provide them with only the best technologies and opportunities. At Movezen, we believe that a happy and content driver, is a safe, productive and efficient driver.

With safety, efficiency and professionalism being some of our core goals, we give them the very best machinery and technology to do their tasks properly.

A robust and efficient structure

We offer a unique, fair, robust and efficient internal structure for drivers and staff alike. Movezen believes setting a clear and reasonable expectations, whilst ensuring these are understood to their maximum, is a key part of discipline.

Our staff teams are on hand to tackle any problems they are faced with, in a timely matter. Our Human Resources department are also on-hand for any individual who may need them, at any time.

What sets us apart from other VTCs?

You could search throughout the virtual trucking community, but you will not find another VTC, like us. We stand out from the crowd, not only with our unique livery, but with a Drivershub, custom mods, driver ranks and rewards. We are also a highly recognised VTC in TruckersMP, having earned the official verification status on the TruckersMP network, and tallying over 290 Discord members.

We also believe in people, which is why we love to give everyone at Movezen equal opportunities, meaning that there will always be a complete review on your application, and you will always be considered for a position with us!

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Photo of the Month

Some of the team showing up to a public convoy, in a truly professional and uniquely Movezen standard.

Simple application process. Done.

At Movezen Logistiek we believe in a simple, but effective application system. We offer an on-website application form. If accepted, you will be a driver for Movezen. Short, simple, perfect.

Our requirements:

Must be aged 16 years or older.

Own a legal copy of ETS2 or ATS.

Speak/understand basic English.

Must be willing to adopt to company standards.

Must have fewer than 3 active TruckersMP bans.

Must have more than 50 hours gameplay at time of application.

Use the official player-tag and vehicle livery during events.

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