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As a driver at Movezen, adherence to established rules and procedures is paramount to ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone involved. However, it also ensures clarity and consistency in understanding what is expected from each member of our team.

Last Updated: April 11th, 2024

§10 | General VTC Rules


Users must be aged a minimum of 13 years of age, or older.


Drivers are expected to remain solely compliant with Discord's Terms of Service (ToS) and Community Guidelines at all times.


Drivers must respect our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, and Discord Rules at all times.

§11 | Admissions & Procedures Policy


Movezen Logistiek reserves the right to revoke any membership, if:

• An administrative error was made during the admission process;
False information was provided during the recruitment process;
The user is underage; and
Suspected ban/blacklist evasion from the user.


Our approach to rule and policy breaches

The rules and policies listed below are in effect to ensure full integrity of this Virtual Trucking Company (VTC). Movezen Logistiek should always be a safe, welcoming and friendly environment. In this community, whether it be drivers, staff or leaders, we hold everyone accountable to increasingly high standards of professionalism, courtesy and respect. The rules and procedures in place, and the enforcement of these takes place in order to ensure equity, justice and consistency between everyone. From Chief Executive Officer, to Driver.


Driver misconduct reports

Our Human Resources team is responsible for overseeing driver discipline. Never try to administratively interact or confront drivers/community members yourself, instead if you witness another driver breaching our policies and rules, or otherwise have general concerns about their conduct, please open a Human Resources ticket and forward on your concerns, so we can investigate the allegation.


Cooperation with Human Resources

If you believe that you have violated any of our policies or rules, you are expected to alert Human Resources yourself. You will receive a better outcome for honesty and cooperation. Failure to comply with Management, Human Resources or Senior Management, may result in drivers rule §11.5 being used, or Discord guild rule §6.3 being used, at SMT discretion.


Punishment guidelines for Movezen Logistiek:

Movezen Logistiek takes a strict, fair and generalised approach to how punishments are issued for all personnel. This means that if you breach any rule of policy, you could face the following:

Verbal warning
Written warning
Final written warning
Removal from Movezen Logistiek.

§12 | Driver-Specific Rules


Drivers must remain compliant with the TruckersMP Rules and Terms of Service at all times.


Drivers are expected to inform our Human Resources department in a timely manner, if a punishment is applied to their user, by TruckersMP. They are also expected to provide us the evidence, and a link to their TruckersMP Profile (if evidence is not available, they should make this clear).


Drivers must drive to a courteous and professional standard, as they would do so in the real-world.


Deliveries can only be logged through our support job-tracking software, and our DriversHub. Requesting us to process deliveries through manually is prohibited, unless directed to do so.


Movezen Logistiek prohibits the usage of certain vehicle classes, due to the likelihood of being negatively associated. These vehicle classes are:

Scout Cars

These vehicles are often associated with those who "troll" and recklessly drive, when doing so. If you do choose to drive any 8x4 chassis configurated vehicle, you must not use any Movezen-associated colourings, or liveries. Only the player-tag is permitted in this instance.


Movezen Logistiek operates a no-activity requirements policy, however you are expected to still:

• Complete a minimum recorded delivery distance of 300 miles (480 kilometres) every 2 months.
Do this delivery on the TruckersMP network.

This is crucial, jointly for us to identify when/how active you are, but also as it reflects our overall activity rating.


Drivers must use their appropriate VTC player tag at all times, and the VTC livery, during events.

§13 | Delivery-Specific rules


Deliveries must only be recorded via our officially-recognised logging software (TrackSim).


Deliveries must not surpass the maximum speed of 130kph (81mph), at any time.


Division-validated deliveries must be kept to a reasonable speed, this is a maximum of 56mph (90kph) for most divisions, excluding heavy haulage where it is 43mph (70kph).

Your delivery will be invalidated and removed from the system, if you request it with speeds higher than the permitted maximum.

§14 | Event-Specific Rules


When attending an event on behalf of Movezen Logistiek, you are expected to retain a professional driving standard - especially where speed limiters may not be present (usually, on event servers).


You must not participate in an event with any of the following trailer types, unless directed to do otherwise:

Heavy haulage (Locomotive train, excavator, etc)
Liquid tankers (Fuel, Oil, Milk, etc)

These trailers have been prohibited either because they make us look unprofessional, cause undue disruption or, significantly alter a vehicles handling model.


Event points can be claimed after each event has surpassed. You may only do this in the ⁠points-claim channel on Discord. When doing so, you must:

Follow the instructions in the pinned message;
Provide sufficient evidence; and
Use the correct formatting