To the class-leading virtual trucking company...

Our core values..

At the core of our operations lies a VTC built around our drivers and staff. Every initiative, plan, and action we undertake within this environment is aimed at enhancing their VTC journey, offering top-notch technologies and opportunities. At Movezen, we firmly uphold the belief that a satisfied and content driver is synonymous with safety, productivity, and efficiency.

Driven by our core objectives of safety, efficiency, and professionalism, we equip our team with state-of-the-art machinery and technology to ensure they can perform their tasks effectively.


We provide a distinctive, equitable, resilient, and streamlined internal framework designed for both drivers and staff. At Movezen, we understand that establishing transparent and achievable expectations, effectively communicated, is fundamental to fostering discipline.

Our dedicated staff teams are readily available to address any challenges that arise promptly. Additionally, our Human Resources department is accessible to assist any individual whenever they may require support.


You could scour the virtual trucking community far and wide, but you won't encounter another VTC quite like ours. We set ourselves apart not just with our distinctive livery, but also through our Drivershub, customized mods, driver rankings, and rewards system. Moreover, our standing as a recognised VTC on TruckersMP, boasting official verification status, and amassing over 500 Discord members, speaks volumes about our presence.

At Movezen, we place utmost value on people, hence our commitment to providing equal opportunities to all. Every application undergoes a thorough review process, ensuring everyone is fairly considered for a position within our ranks.


Whether you are eager to commence or revitalize your VTC career, Movezen Logistiek extends an invitation for you to join our esteemed team of drivers. Our comprehensive offerings include a tailored DriversHub, advanced tracking systems, specialised divisions, and exclusive custom skins. Within our community, we cultivate a professional and welcoming environment, ensuring all members derive optimal satisfaction from their association with us.